Cultivated Oilers Club
What is the Oiler's Club?

The Oilers Club was created to encourage members to get together each month and make awesome stuff with essential oils. That’s it. That’s the sole purpose of Oilers Club!

How does Oiler's Club work?

Each month, there is a different theme with three recipes, three sets of labels for the items we are making as well as a promo piece that you can use to invite people to come and hang out with you. There are a ton of veterans on this team- people that have been hosting Oilers Clubs since June 2015, so feel free to ask questions and trade secrets. They are happy to help.

Any rules in Oiler's Club?

There aren’t really rules to Oilers Club. We provide the recipes and the labels and it’s up to YOU to come up with a supply fee (if any) as well and figure out how to invite your people!

How do you choose Oiler's Club recipes?

We have an awesome group of people that help TEST the recipes. You can bet if we suggest it here that we (or someone we trust) have tried it and we believe it a solid recipe. We do our very best. If you have questions, please ask them kindly.

What happens after Oiler's Club?

We LOVE to see pictures of where you take the recipes and especially love pictures of you meeting with your club!


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